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Department of Youth Services Monthly Briefs

Director's Monthly Briefs
2016 DecemberHappy Holidays!385.64 KBDownload
2016 November*Special Edition: 35th Anniversary Newsletter1.80 MBDownload
2016 NovemberYouth Set Up for Success with Supportive Housing309.95 KBDownload
2016 OctoberFacilities Pass PREA Audits118.56 KBDownload
2016 SeptemberFormer Youth's Determination Pays Off245.65 KBDownload
2016 AugustAnnual Report Highlights Progress at DYS143.61 KBDownload
2016 JulyReset for Success - Supportive Housing Pilot275.34 KBDownload
2016 JuneProviding Superior Customer Service117.04 KBDownload
2016 MayTop Employees Recognized180.67 KBDownload
2016 AprilTargeted RECLAIM Helps Youth Change through Programming Close to Home243.62 KBDownload
2016 MarchOur Blueprint for Helping Youth Succeed206.46 KBDownload
2016 FebruaryBlack History Month - Time to Help Others149.54 KBDownload
2016 JanuaryGoals to Achieve in 2016143.49 KBDownload
2015 DecemberBlueprint Positions Youth for Success177.37 KBDownload
2015 NovemberReleasing Prepared Youth Safely204.76 KBDownload
2015 OctoberServices and Supports for Youth at Home206.65 KBDownload
2015 SeptemberPath to Safer Communities259.16 KBDownload
2015 AugustAn Extraordinary Year (Annual Report)233.97 KBDownload
2015 JulyDYS Celebrates 20 Years of RECLAIM318.67 KBDownload
2015 JunePromoting School Attendance351.64 KBDownload
2015 MayRising to the Next Level with DYS Core Values168.20 KBDownload
2015 AprilTeaching Youth to Pursue Peace156.95 KBDownload
2015 MarchSupporting a Young Lady's Success209.46 KBDownload
2015 FebruaryHelping Youth Get on the Right Track through Competitive RECLAIM185.44 KBDownload
2015 JanuaryPreparing for the Future405.91 KBDownload
2014 DecemberYouth Take Advantage of Tattoo Removal Program to Enhance Future Opportunities263.31 KBDownload
2014 NovemberServing Youth in Their Home Communities219.51 KBDownload
2014 OctoberHolding Youth Accountable and Instilling Responsibility181.48 KBDownload
2014 SeptemberFormer DYS Youth Operates a Very Successful Company and Employs DYS Youth on Parole230.52 KBDownload
2014 AugustRelfecting on a Year of Accomplishments145.52 KBDownload
2014 JulyYouth Keep Busy and Help the Hungry414.80 KBDownload
2014 JunePromoting Reentry Success through College Opportunities120.36 KBDownload
2014 MayEmployee Recognition119.19 KBDownload
2014 AprilA Former DYS Youth Speaks Out157.27 KBDownload
2014 MarchJuvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Expands133.39 KBDownload
2014 February Breaking the Cycle of Crime58.24 KBDownload
2014 JanuaryFrom One Youth's Perspective149.74 KBDownload
2013 DecemberCritical Incident Stress Management278.75 KBDownload
2013 NovemberYouth Apprenticeship Program111.70 KBDownload
2013 OctoberEmployee Recognition164.54 KBDownload
2013 SeptemberYouth Give Back Through Community Service217.50 KBDownload
2013 AugustJuvenile Branch of the Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition56.26 KBDownload
2013 JulyJuvenile Justice Case Management System54.05 KBDownload
2013 JuneTransforming Ohio's Juvenile Justice System497.88 KBDownload
2013 MayBuckeye Reach560.93 KBDownload
2013 AprilWorking Together to Advance Crime Victims' Rights493.15 KBDownload
2013 MarchTargeted RECLAIM: Positioning Youth to Succeed701.81 KBDownload
2013 FebruaryBack to Basics460.17 KBDownload
2013 JanuaryJuvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative660.34 KBDownload
2012 DecemberHoliday Greetings!511.70 KBDownload
2012 NovemberServing Youth with Mental Health Needs451.40 KBDownload
2012 OctoberSupporting Community-Based Services453.47 KBDownload
2012 SeptemberSupporting Families454.46 KBDownload
2012 AugustMentoring Program445.87 KBDownload
2012 July Addressing Collateral Sanctions535.43 KBDownload
2012 JuneCommunity Correctional Facilities456.54 KBDownload
2012 MayProgress Made During the Last Year458.13 KBDownload
2012 AprilJuvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act462.06 KBDownload
2012 MarchCentral Office Relocation417.08 KBDownload
2012 FebruaryCore Competencies430.68 KBDownload
2012 JanuaryBureau of Management Information Systems659.94 KBDownload
2011 DecemberGrant Awarded to DYS to Increase Family Involvement621.66 KBDownload
2011 November30th Anniversary of DYS677.47 KBDownload
2011 OctoberGrants to Support Reentry of Youth591.04 KBDownload
2011 SeptemberEfforts to Treat All Youth Fairly590.85 KBDownload
2011 AugustYouth Giving Back602.06 KBDownload
2011 JulyMaster Plan Progress621.26 KBDownload
2011 JuneBuckeye United School District443.61 KBDownload
2011 MayCognitive Behavioral Therapy Update592.60 KBDownload
2011 AprilNew Director Greeting575.28 KBDownload
2011 MarchCommunity and Reentry Update616.98 KBDownload
2011 FebruaryMoving Forward in 2011606.86 KBDownload
2011 JanuaryPartnerships and Grants617.59 KBDownload
2010 DecemberHappy Holidays!601.79 KBDownload
2010 NovemberVolunteers & Community Partners603.17 KBDownload
2010 SeptemberEnriched Treatment for Youth/JDAI592.79 KBDownload
2010 OctoberCognitive Behavioral Therapy/Disproportionate Minority Contact596.70 KBDownload
2010 AugustResponsible Public Policy591.66 KBDownload
2010 JulyCelebrating Parole and Community Services589.81 KBDownload
2010 JuneSummer Greetings576.47 KBDownload
2010 MayMoving Forward with Reform618.93 KBDownload
2010 AprilStrength-based Behavior Management627.33 KBDownload
2010 MarchOhio Shared Services601.98 KBDownload
2010 FebruaryRestoring Medicaid Benefits676.01 KBDownload
2010 JanuaryYouth Specialists605.76 KBDownload
2009 DecemberHoliday Greetings588.69 KBDownload
2009 NovemberThe Changing Footprint594.50 KBDownload
2009 OctoberDYS Partners with Ohio Benefit Bank603.83 KBDownload
2009 SeptemberOYAS Implementation in DYS605.38 KBDownload
2009 AugustVolunteer Recruitment100.43 KBDownload
2009 JulyTraining and Reform Implementation119.20 KBDownload
2009 AprilSecurity Classification111.08 KBDownload
2009 MarchRevamping the process for releasing youth from DYS106.63 KBDownload
2009 JanuaryDYS Highlights for 2008280.22 KBDownload
2008 NovemberFamily Advocacy121.72 KBDownload
2008 OctoberNew revocation specific unit100.33 KBDownload
2008 JulyExpansion of vocational preparation program81.46 KBDownload
2008 JuneManaging Conflict within the Institutions113.63 KBDownload
2008 MayReentry Legislation - House Bill 113104.58 KBDownload
2008 AprilSettlement Agreement Highlights60.58 KBDownload
2008 MarchJuvenile Reentry Court96.86 KBDownload
2008 FebruaryExpansion of the Behavioral Health121.70 KBDownload
2008 JanuaryChanging the Footprint of DYS116.13 KBDownload
2007 DecemberModels for Change113.59 KBDownload
2007 NovemberMission Statement115.52 KBDownload
2007 OctoberStudent Learning System95.61 KBDownload
2007 SeptemberAmericorps95.06 KBDownload
2007 AugustMinority Over - Representation113.38 KBDownload
2007 JulyTrauma Informed Care116.71 KBDownload
2007 JuneRegional Centers127.71 KBDownload
2007 MayBehavioral Health Juvenile Justice142.58 KBDownload
2007 FebruaryConflict Resolution Training94.78 KBDownload
2007 JanuaryStatewide Assessment Tool106.65 KBDownload
2006 NovemberFederal Funding80.45 KBDownload
2006 OctoberFemale Step-down Program111.76 KBDownload
2006 SeptemberCleveland Gang Program104.89 KBDownload
2006 AugustStriving Readers110.64 KBDownload
2006 JuneReentry Road map2.67 MBDownload
2006 MaySecurity Classification105.68 KBDownload
2006 AprilCommunity Saturation Initiative94.00 KBDownload