Community Programs

DYS reaches thousands of youth in Ohio. Beyond youth in facilities and those on parole, DYS funds and supports 625 community programs throughout the state offering more than 93,000 youth (based on annual program admissions) opportunities and services to impact positive change. These included statewide support of juvenile courts and county partners through RECLAIM Ohio, Targeted RECLAIM, Competitive RECLAIM, the Detention Alternatives and Enhancements Initiative, Youth Services Grant, Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice (BH/JJ), and Community Corrections Facilities.

A listing of contact information for county juvenile courts and facilities can be found in the Ohio Department of Youth Services and Family and Juvenile Courts Directory below. Courts and Community The Division of Courts and Community includes the Bureau of Community Reinvestment, the Bureau of Community Facilities and the Bureau of Parole, as well as a number of initiatives involving community facets of Ohio’s juvenile justice system. Among these are RECLAIM Ohio, Targeted RECLAIM, Competitive RECLAIM and the Youth Services Grant; the Behavioral Health / Juvenile Justice initiative; state-funded Community Corrections Facilities; local detention center inspections; private residential contracts; coordination of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative; competitive grant funding; alternative revenue streams; and compliance with and grants received per the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act.

Steve Curl, Deputy Director
Courts and Community
(614) 995-7677

Bureau of Parole, Chris Freeman
Bureau of Community Reinvestment, Tony Panzino
Bureau of Community Facilities, Jodi Slagle