Community Engagement and Reentry

The Division of Community Engagement and Reentry is responsible for supporting the reentry planning process. DYS releases around 450 youth back into the community each year. On average, youth spend 12 ½ months in a facility. During this time, it is critical that youth, staff, family members, and community partners work together in an integrated manner to support a youth’s treatment plan and to help the youth succeed in achieving the goals of the plan.

Reentry is the philosophy of preparing and planning for youth to return to their homes and community. The approach is comprehensive and begins when a youth first arrives at DYS, focusing on establishing a continuity of care that will transition into the community so that youth can reintegrate safely and successfully.

Our Community Engagement Liaison oversees and coordinates community service opportunities for youth in facilities and on parole. DYS provides youth with productive and meaningful opportunities to give back to schools, churches, government agencies, charitable and non-profit organizations. Community service is an integral part of teaching youth personal accountability while building competencies. It also allows youth the opportunity to learn more about community resources. If you are interested in learning more about having your nonprofit organization, school, church, or government agency benefit from community service by our youth, please contact Ryan Heimberger, Community Engagement Liaison, at (614) 466-3407 or by email at Ryan.Heimberger@DYS.Ohio.Gov.

Continuing to provide support, services, and supervision for youth leaving DYS is important for public safety and for promoting ongoing, positive youth development.

Appropriate reentry planning helps arrange the services and supports that returning youth need, such as stable housing, continued education, employment and/or vocational training, health insurance coverage, and continued mental health and/or substance use treatment.

Resources Are Available For...
  • Food Pantries/Free Meals
  • Public Benefits
  • Education
  • Legal Services
  • Social Security
  • Employment Assistance
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Counseling
  • Victim Services/Domestic Violence
  • Birth Certificate
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Substance Abuse
  • Business
  • Transportation
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Clothing
  • Sex Offender Services
  • Families & Children
  • And More!

Find The Resources Available In Your County

If you are struggling with:
  • Hurting yourself or thinking about committing suicide
  • Using drugs, drug addiction or mental health
  • Gender or sexual identity
  • Relationships that are sexually abusive or controlling
  • Harm at home, hurt by your boyfriend/girlfriend or domestic violence
  • Being forced into sex or forced into labor against your will
  • Sexual assault, rape or abuse
  • Hunger or going without food
  • Receiving assistance such as Medicaid benefits
  • Homelessness or not having a place to stay
  • Any other problems
We offer a free, 24/7 aftercare hotline for youth and their families. By calling 1‑877‑244‑1245, paroled youth and their families can be linked with services.

Cynthia C. Dungey
Deputy Director

Ryan M. Heimberger
Community Services Liaison

Joe W. Marsilio
Reentry Administrator

Jennifer A. Boswell
Reentry Administrator

Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition & Juvenile Branch The mission of the Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition is to ensure successful offender reentry, reduce recidivism and enhance public safety.

The Coalition will achieve these goals through collaborative partnerships with government entities, faith and community-based organizations and other stakeholders.

The Coalition will utilize a holistic evidence-based approach that starts at the point of contact with the criminal justice system and includes education, families, health services, alcohol and other drug treatment, job training, mentorship and housing.

The purpose of the Juvenile Branch is to bring light to the needs of youthful offenders; build a more comprehensive collaboration with all state agencies, including those young adults whom overlap into adult services; and consequently reduce, if not eliminate, the chances of them returning to the juvenile system or being committed to the adult system.

The mission of the Juvenile Branch of the Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition is to bring more visibility and action to the reentry needs of our adjudicated youth through the plans and services within our inter-working systems.

While the vision is to reduce the juvenile recidivism rate, the primary goals of the Juvenile Branch are:
  • Address ways that the local partners of each state agency can provide assistance to youth in a variety of service needs areas
  • Effectuate change at the state and federal levels to meet these needs
  • Encourage the local taskforces to include a juvenile component in their strategic plans
  • Involve the local taskforces in the reentry planning on individual cases specifically for those youth placement challenges