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Grant Programs - Title II Created by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 1974, the Title II Formula Grant is awarded to states by the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). The purpose is to assist states in addressing juvenile crime and delinquency at the local level. Funding may be used for programs and services that range from primary prevention and early intervention, or to address serious juvenile crime.

Funding is awarded through a competitive application process to local youth serving agencies for up to three years (awarded in one year increments). To be eligible to apply for Title II funds, applicants must be a unit of local government or private non-profit organization. Agencies such as juvenile courts, police departments, sheriff’s offices, and schools may apply for funding when their unit of local government acts as the direct recipient of funding. DYS will notify agencies when funding is available.

For Ohio to be awarded 100 percent of its Title II allocation, the State must maintain compliance with the four Core Requirements of the JJDP Act. The Act requires that:
  1. Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders (DSO)
    Status offenders and non-offenders not be detained or confined in secure detention or correctional facilities.
  2. Sight and Sound Separation
    Accused and adjudicated delinquent, status offender, and non-offender juveniles shall not have contact with incarcerated adults.
  3. Jail Removal
    Juveniles cannot be detained in any adult jail or lockup.
  4. Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)
    States must reduce the disproportionate number of juvenile minority groups who come into contact with the juvenile justice system.
Ohio is required to monitor facilities to ensure and/or to verify that these requirements are being met. A Compliance Monitoring Report must be submitted to OJJDP annually to document the State’s level of compliance. For each area of non-compliance, 20 percent of funding is withheld. For more information about the Title II Formula Grant, please contact:
Kristi S. Oden
Grants Administrator
Juvenile Probation Officer Training Standards The creation of Juvenile Probation Officer Training Standards is a result of Senate Bill 337, which includes provisions to develop minimum standards for the training of all juvenile probation officers within the State of Ohio.

Sec. 2301.271. (A) …The department of youth services shall develop minimum standards for the training of probation officers who supervise juvenile offenders.

(B) Within six months after September 30, 2012, the department of rehabilitation and correction and, within six months after the effective date of this amendment, the department of youth services shall make available a copy of the minimum standards developed by the department, as applicable, to the following entities:

(1) Every municipal court, county court, and court of common pleas;
(2) Every probation department.

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