Division of Quality

The Division of Quality has been designed to ensure that DYS offers a positive culture for youth and staff by improving processes, procedures and outcomes through transparency, data reporting, accountability and continuous improvement. The division serves as a resource to boost productivity within the agency by utilizing Performance Based Standards along with data management, monitoring and integrity. The division is also responsible for accreditation, agency policies and special projects. The division ensures that agency goals are met and that all programs consistently provide effective services that help our youth achieve meaningful outcomes.

VISION: “To see the organization not as it is, but as it can become!”

Creating the Division of Quality
  • Creates a one-stop shop to improve agency efficiency and effectiveness by consolidating job responsibilities under one area
  • Serves as a resource to aid productivity across all divisions, facilities and regions
  • Improves information sharing and communication across Divisions to reduce the prevalent silo-centered culture
  • Facilitates overall cost savings through attrition and maximizing the use of current positions
  • Provides an ongoing and consistent means of ensuring quality throughout the agency
  • Improves public perception by demonstrating a focus on quality
  • Streamlines data management process and verify the accuracy and quality of the information about youth contained in the various DYS databases
  • Facilitates appropriate treatment and better outcomes for youth by improved data and increased monitoring
  • Facilitates a reduction of recidivism due to implementing ongoing monitoring and improvement of services and treatment plans
  • Provides an objective view of operations, processes, policies, and procedures for increased checks and balances agency-wide
  • Provides project management to ensure the agency strategic plan is being properly implemented
  • Identify training needs and best practices across the variety of agency disciplines, and facilitate appropriate outcomes based on training received (not training for training sake)
  • Identify potential issues before significant problems occur, and determine the level of policy changes, financial or human resources needed to correct the deficiencies
  • Identify techniques to improve work culture and employee morale with the goal of reducing turnover

Contact Information

Ginine M. Trim, Deputy Director - Chief Inspector
Division of Quality
(614) 728-0472