Alternative Placements

DYS offers a variety of alternative placement options for youth. These safe, supportive environments provide the treatment and services youth need to become responsible young men and women.

For more information about any of these alternative placements at DYS, please contact:
Jodi A. Slagle, Bureau Chief of Community Facilities

Lighthouse Youth Center at Paint Creek
Lighthouse Youth Center at Paint Creek (LYC-PC), located in Bainbridge, Ohio, provides services for a total of 48 male youth committed to DYS. LYC-PC offers intensive programs, cognitive behavioral interventions, an on-campus independent living program, and chartered high school.
Montgomery County Center for Adolescent Services
The Montgomery County Center for Adolescent Services (CAS) is located in New Lebanon, Ohio. CAS provides intake and assessment services for all female youth committed to DYS. The DYS Unit at CAS, which serves the general population of girls, provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with a variety of other gender specific interventions in a secure setting. Female youth at CAS receive structured programming, year-round education, counseling, recreation, transition services, aftercare support, and more.
Applewood Centers
Applewood Centers is an option for girls with more significant behavioral health needs. The Apple Blossom Residential Treatment Program, located in Cleveland, provides multi- faceted, gender-specific therapeutic services for girls with emotional and behavioral challenges. This program is also an option for treating younger girls.
Jennifer Blumhagen Yarham, MSSA, LISW‑S
Executive Director, Applewood Centers, Inc.

Pomegranate Health Systems
Pomegranate Health Systems, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a placement option for female youth with behavioral health needs. Pomegranate provides an intensive level of therapy that is both integrative and evidence-based, from a trauma-informed perspective.
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